Tandem Aero Dream

General Conditions of Sale apply between the company Tandem Aero Dream whose head office is located at: 14 Bis FRET 29570 road CAMARET-SUR-MER and anyone registered for the realization of a tandem parachute jump (person jumping) and / or buying a gift ticket in view of offering it to a person of his choice (customer). Any order or purchase duly made with the company Tandem Aero Dream implies full and unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.

General conditions of sale apply to all sales and services, made through the website of the company which are integral parts of the contract between the Buyer and the Seller. The seller reserves the right to modify these at any time by publishing a new version on his website. The applicable general conditions of sale are then those in force on the date of payment (or the first payment in case of multiple payments) of the order. General conditions of sale can be consulted on the company's website at the following address: www.bapteme-saut-parachute.bzh. The company also ensures that their acceptance is clear and unreserved by setting up a check box and a validation click. The customer declares to have read all these General Conditions of Sale and to accept them without restriction or reservation. The customer acknowledges that he has benefited from the advice and information necessary to ensure the adequacy of the offer to his wishes by contacting the company by phone at the following number Unless proven otherwise, the information recorded by the company constitutes proof of all transactions



We try to respect the schedules as well as possible in order to optimize your time, but the jump depends strongly on the meteorological conditions, you must plan to devote to it the half-day or the full day. The tandem pilot, in charge of your jump, may at any time decide to postpone or cancel it for safety reasons. The decision to postpone or delay the jump can not be a reason for refunding the booking.



You must certify that you are in good physical condition, have not had a recent accident, do not follow medical treatment, do not suffer from problems with the lower limbs, spine, heart, ENT, loss of consciousness or epilepsy, do not suffer from particular hemophilia or type of illness and do not be pregnant. Do not have deep diving in 24 hours, or have consumed alcohol or narcotics in the 12 hours before the jump. In case of doubt, make sure you have a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of parachuting in tandem, issued by a doctor. This is not mandatory, but recommended for people who may have constraints to the activity. Beyond age 65, it is required. You must be aware and recognize that tandem parachute jumping, like any activity, even if extremely rare, can lead to the risk of physical injury and intense psychological sensations.



Once the appointment is booked according to your wishes and our availability, we ask you a notice of 96h in case of impediment, to release the window and schedule another appointment without additional costs. The deposit of 90 € will be retained. The jumps are available to anyone without age limit. Providing a parental authorization signed by the legal representative for minors. For tandem passengers weighing more than 95 kg, the jump is possible under certain physical and weather conditions (please contact us). In this case, the tandem pilot in charge of your jump may decide at any time to postpone it for security reasons. Due to airport security and in order to gain access to the controlled area, you will be asked during the administrative formalities made on the day of the jump, a photocopy of identity document of the person jumping (ID card, passport ). It will be kept by Tandem Aero Dream and destroyed when the jump is complete.



If you choose the video option, and unless otherwise specified, we have a right to use these images. In any case, the media used will remain exclusively our property and may serve as an advertising medium for own benefit. The video option is advisable as jumping is not a common activity, most of the time people who declined the option regret it . For the sound personalization of your video, take care of your musical choices in USB format (3 to 4 musics). Upon receipt of your video, it is advisable to make a copy on personal support. For information, your complete assembly will be kept 1 month by the designer. Beyond it can not be guaranteed conservation. Tandem Aero Dream informs you that the video option is provided by independent service providers and can not be held responsible in case of technical failure on the part of the videographer (hardware failure, miscellaneous incident etc ...). However the unrealized service will not be settled and Tandem Aero Dream will do as much as possible to satisfy the customer. The video option is checked on the form and can only be set on the day of the jump.



(effective January 01, 2015 20% VAT) Our rates are inclusive of VAT. They include VAT, liability insurance for air transport (Warsaw Convention), pre-flight training, specialized equipment provided and agree on a tandem jump. The full payment of the jump according to option are cashable before the jump. Tandem parachute jump: Jump to Morlaix: 280 €, Jump to Larmor-Plage and Guidel range: 300 € Video option: 110 €, Video + photos option (200 approx): 140 €, VIP video option: 210 €, Refund option (in case of cancellation): 50 €. In case of cancellation of jump from us without being able to offer you subsequent dates on the year or the following year, Tandem Aero Dream agrees to refund the sums paid. No refund is possible in case of cancellation on your part, unless option reimbursement subscribed. In case of non-contact on your part to Tandem Aero Dream and non-completion of the jump during the validity of the file (1 year) for reasons pending on your part, the deposit or gift ticket are extendable for one year under tariff conditions (50 € ). If I take the refund option I pay 50 € extra to my choice. This option is totally independent of the price of the jump. It allows, in case of change of opinion or cancellation on your part, the refund of sums paid (90 € deposit or the total price of the jump).



INTERNET: All you have to do is fill in the information form, along with the payment according to the chosen option via online payment.


If you wish to offer a surprise on a specific occasion, it is possible to obtain a gift voucher to offer the day of your choosing. For the effect to be guaranteed, we will ship the gift ticket to the address of your choice or by e-mail. It must be presented to the organizer on the day of the jump. It will be valid on the date specified on it, but may be modified for personal convenience of the interested party after agreement with the organizer. If you can not set a jump date when buying the gift voucher, the person who receives it as a gift will contact Tandem Aero Dream directly to set a jump date. It will be valid for one year from the date indicated on the form that you fill out. It is non refundable (except if option refund chosen on form) but can be passed on to a third person. It is extendable beyond one year for the sum of 50 €.