Saut en parachute - FAQ

Who can jump in tandem?

- Anyone can jump, you just have to want it.
- Under 15 years of age a parental agreement will be requested and beyond 65 years a medical certificate is mandatory.
-  Futur information is available by your usual GP

Should you have a good physical condition to jump?

- You need an average physical condition. You have to be able to lift your knees during the landing.
- People over 95 kg please contact us.
- Jump is possible with glasses or lenses.
- You need to eat normally prior you show-up to jump, No alcohol or drugs at least 12 hours before the jump and no scuba diving the least 24 hours before the jump.
- If any doubt, please ask your GP for complement information.

How to set the date of my parachute jump?

- Contact us to set the date and time of your jump
- The day prior to the jump, contact us to confirm the appointment and check forecast weather.

How to dress?

- Preferably in sport gear or casual clothing, sport shoes without any hook.
- Jump suit will be loaned.

Can the jump be delayed or postponed?

- Safety is our priority. A plane failure, administrative constraints at the last minute or especially bad weather conditions could force us to delay the jump later in the day or to postpone it to a another date. In any case we will discuss a new appointment.