Saut en parachute - Course of the jump

Step 1


To start, a briefing of about 15 minutes will be given to you
by a professional skydiver who will present the equipment,
the different stages of the jump and the safety recommendations.

Step 2


You are now ready to board the plane.
20 minutes of flight to enjoy an exceptional view.
Small revision of the instructions you have reached 3500 meters

Step 3

LThe plane exit

The long awaited moment, the door opens, we set up,
a beautiful smile and go!

Step 4


45 seconds of free fall at 200km / h, extreme sensations guaranteed...
hair dryer assured!

Step 5

Flight under sail

Opening of the parachute at 1500m, during 6 to 7 minutes
you discover a calm environment and an exceptional panorama.
You will pilot the parachute for 2 or 3 minutes.

Step 6

The landing

Time to land on firm ground, the monitor will take care of everything...
That was great, only one wish: do it again!